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Page last updated on: Tuesday, January 4, 2022

More 5 MHz frequencies for all EI radio amateurs

ComReg is the National Regulatory Authority for telecommunications in Ireland. Within this remit ComReg also manages Ireland’s radio spectrum and numbering resource and consults on past and proposed spectrum strategies. On 10 September 2021 ComReg published in document 21/90 their proposed strategy for managing the spectrum in the years 2022 to 2024. IRTS and a number of clubs as well as individual amateur licensees submitted comments. ComReg published an assessment of these comments on 17 December 2021 in document 21/136a (Section 4.74, p.55).

One of the IRTS proposals in response to this document concerned available frequencies at 5 MHz/ 60 m for Irish Amateurs. IRTS requested the transfer of 5.280 MHz, 5.300 MHz, 5.332 MHz, 5.348 MHz, 5.400 MHz and 5.405 MHz from A1.4 to A1.3 of the Amateur Station Licence Guidelines 09/45 with the current operating conditions. This would provide more flexibility to avoid primary services operating in the band 5 351.5 – 5 366.5 kHz.

ComReg agreed to this proposal and will adjust the Guidelines accordingly.

This is in addition to the WRC-15 Amateur Secondary Allocation of 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz.

Previously the channels above were available only on a special additional licence at a fee of 30 Euros per year.

73 and A Happy New Year
Paul Gaskell G4MWO
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