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Page last updated on: Saturday, January 1, 2022

Amateur Radio Magazine

Happy New Year. I trust the festive season was kind to you.

What a year weve just had. Covid on the march and morphing into Delta then to Omicron.
Lurching through lockdowns and lockouts; restrictions imposed and then lifted then slammed on, again.

My sympathies go to those affected by Covid, and those with family and friends affected by the virus.

So, here we are in 2022, living with Covid.

Having learned to trust the science and the medical authorities, we can get on with our lives, tempered by our acquired knowledge of how to protect ourselves from that sneaky thing hanging around where you may not suspect.

Two thousand and twenty one was a watershed year for Amateur Radio magazine, after a disruptive year in 2020. Amateur Radio was published on time and on schedule once again through 2021.

The Publications Committee plans to continue this way through 2022.

The concept of themed issues has been well-accepted, and it appears from readership responses that we have produced some landmark issues.

Number one last year, featuring digital ATV, set the trend.

The whisper [WSPR] theme in Number two continued the trend. It featured a shooshing cherub on the cover and surprisingly was a best seller in the newsagents.

The Antarctic Adventures of Australian Amateurs feature in Number five with that dramatic image of an aurora over Davis Station on the cover really hit a nerve with the readership.

While we thought that was something special, issue six featuring Antennas and Propagation also sparked some thoughtful responses from readers.

In addition, Amateur Radio magazine carried some landmark technical articles through 2021.

The indefatigable Dale Hughes VK1DSH kicked-off in issue one with a DIY digital ATV station project.

Andrew Anderson VK3CV, followed-up in issue two with Practical Communications at 30 terahertz, pushing the boundaries of amateur communications.

The tireless Lou Destefano VK3AQZ, began describing his digitally-controlled HF antenna tuner project in issue three.

This was complemented by an article on Experiments with LoRa or long range digital transmissions, by Dale Hughes VK1DSH and Dimitrios Tsifakis VK2COW.

In issue four, that champion of D-I-Y, Jim Tregellis VK5JST, described how the gold standard for SWR bridges the Stockton Bridge aka Tandem Match works.

Usefully, this came before his digital dial VSWR meter project featured in our Antennas and Propagation issue number six.

And so we continue. As you may have already heard, issue number one for 2022 features Contesting as the theme.

Ill just go and stack my ten green bottles back on the shelf as I listen to the choir practising in the background, and see you further down the log.

This has been Amateur Radio magazine Editor-in-Chief, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH, for VK1WIA News

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